VHS Records presents BD&D Antiques: Select Episodes I - V.

w/ bonus and select music videos by Vitamin Wig C.


Vitamin WIg C aka Robbie Hansen was born in 1984, Mission Viejo, CA. He is a multimedia artist, writer and musician currently residing in Sunland, CA. Hansen has featured experimental music & video on BBC radio, Dublab.com, Machine Projects and Experimental Half Hour. And now select episodes from the BD&D Antiques series on VHS Records.


Hansen’s video work is a non-linear, dealing in themes of alienation and abuse to comedy and suspense. Notably, the BD&D Antique series, created in Van Nuys, California. Utilizing just garden fixtures as fixation points for his camera to travel to and from, Hansen creates a unique sensation of suspense and narrative play, unfolding over a series of slow zoom-ins, low angles and smooth edits capable of putting one in a trance, only to be broken by a garden sculpture covered in luminescent hieroglyphs popping out from behind a bush, or any other numerous “surprise moments” throughout the video series. My favorite is BD&D Antiques IV. (See, BD&D IV).

“Much of my work is from the POV of an imaginary perpetrator / spirit, that dwells inside sculptures or garden fixtures and “comes to life” by projecting  illuminated shapes, or alien code.”



1. BD&D Antiques I: Before leaving home to study abroad, Gina experiences what she assumes to be a succession of fever dreams. Later Gina realizes her mind and body had been temporarily taken over by a misogynistic spirit.


2. BD&D Antiques II:  When Gina leaves for school, her friend and retired Vaudeville dancer, Vicky Luis, agrees to watch over the house. She is warned of the spirit and is told to avoid the back yard. Dismissing Gina’s warning as paranoiac, Vicky enters the back yard. This of course infuriates the spirit.

3. BD&D Antiques Interlude: Without warning the Spirit comes to life while Gina is asleep.

4. BD&D Antiques IV: An otherworldly colony of dogs is sent by Gina’s dog Sparky. The Dogs lure the spirit and torture it by dropping silver balls down from the heavens and onto its mass.

5. BD&D Antiques V: Time Orator: When a shaman leaves home for a seminar in france, he leaves his magic bird to watch the premises. Watch as two intruders get the scare of a lifetime.


6. Vitamin Wig C - Perfumed Signitures

A good video inspired by BD&D Antiques.


7. Vitamin Wig C - Why Does An Angel Get Old

An atmospheric video about puberty, featuring dance moves by the artist himself.


8. Movie Theater Parking Lot: yuck!



9. Vitmain WIg C -Louie Louie (Live!)

Live at Pehrspace!


10. Vitamin Wig C - Candle Ball

An older music video featuring the Blue Ball brothers - made in Daly City California.